Tips for taking your dog on holiday: 10 things you should not forget!

Friday was the last day of work. We packed in the evening and went on holiday with our furry friends the next morning. That's how our last holiday began. Our destination: Keitum on the island of Sylt. We wanted to finally see the sea again and show our two beagle girls Lotti (19 months) and Frida (6 months) the beach and the waves.

During the trip to the island, I kept thinking about whether we had taken everything with us. Packing for a holiday can be a challenge, but when you also have two lively young dogs in tow, it can be really nerve-wracking! 

If you're also planning to go on holiday with your beloved four-legged friends, and to make sure what we experienced with Lotti doesn't happen to you - see point 7 for more details - I've put together a list of 10 things you shouldn't forget. I haven't included the two most important things, your dog and enough food, as I hope they are self-evident to you and I don't expect your last name to be McCallister and you to live in the suburbs of Chicago.

panoramic view of sunset over the sea

1. Vaccination certificate

What would a holiday be without paperwork? That's right, a dream! But don't let that put you off, because your dog's vaccination certificate is an important document. Make sure you have it with you so that you can prove that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies if necessary and that you can give the current vaccination status of your four-legged friend in the unpleasant event that you have to visit an unfamiliar veterinary practice. 

2. Medication and food supplements

Make sure you pack all the necessary medication and supplements for your dog. This includes prescribed medication as well as supplements such as slippery elm bark for gastrointestinal problems, or natural oils for a shiny coat.   

3. Tick pliers and tick repellant 

Ticks are about as useful as traffic jams on the motorway: nobody needs them! But they don't stop on holiday either. Even in non-risk areas, we have often experienced finding several ticks in Lotti's and Frida's fur in the evening.

4. Safety belt and harness

Seat belt for the car: If you are going on holiday by car, please think about the safety of your dog. A special safety belt or a transport box will ensure that your furry passenger is well protected and does not move uncontrollably through the vehicle. We use a harness and car belt for both Frida and Lotti.

5. Portable dog water bottle

Not only on warm days, but also on long car journeys and excursions, is it important to be able to offer your dog water. We bought a water bottle with an integrated drinking bowl for Lotti and wanted to use it also for Frida; however, our spoilt Frida did not drink from the bowl, so we had to buy a collapsible travel bowl for her. The things you do for your four-legged friends!

6. Travel bowls 

Instead of taking the heavy ceramic bowls with us, we always take light travel bowls, which are both collapsible and easy to close.

7. Dog pillow

A dog needs a cosy place to sleep especially when on holiday. After all, who wants to sit at the breakfast table with a grumpy, unslept dog? A comfortable dog pillow or a cosy blanket should therefore not be missing! Last year, when we went on holiday with Lotti for the first time, we forgot to pack her dog pillow. The drama was huge! Because Lotti already got used to falling asleep on this dog pillow when she was a little puppy. Every evening she would lie down on the cosy fur side of the pillow, except in the summer when it would get too warm for her. Then, we would turn the pillow over so that Lotti could lie down on the cooler velvet side. Perhaps you can now imagine how long it took to get Lotti to fall asleep during that holiday. We won't forget this pillow anytime soon, that's for sure!

8. Travel blanket

Whether for the beach, the restaurant, or the hotel room, it's a good idea to bring a blanket for your dog that reminds them of the cosiness and comfort of their own home. We often take a small blanket for Frida and Lotti to the restaurant so that they both know where their place is and where they should stay.  

9. Towel 

Whether it's a beach holiday or a hiking tour through the woods - a towel is indispensable. You will be grateful that I reminded you of it when your dog has rolled around in the mud with pleasure or is soaking wet after a wild jump into the water. 

10. Shampoo

Shampoo to remove salt water: If you are taking your dog to the beach, remember that salt water in your dog's coat should be rinsed out thoroughly to avoid skin irritation. For this purpose, it is advisable to take a gentle dog shampoo with you, with which you can thoroughly wash the salt water out of the coat.   

We hope this list helps you to think of all the essentials for your holiday with your dog so that you can enjoy your time with your faithful companion even more! We had a splendid time on our last holiday, 
especially Lotti and Frida, of course.
Bild Collage bestehend aus 3 Bildern. Das erste Bild zeigt einen Beagle in den Dünen sitzen. Das zweite Bild zeigt einen Hund auf einem Hundekissen liegen. Das dritte Bild illustriert einen Beagle an einem Champagnerglass schnüffeln während sich der Hund in einem Strandkorb befindet.

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