Quality you can feel.

Exquisite raw materials from sustainable production and centuries-old know-how in craftsmanship are the source of a unique processing quality and softness that you can feel.

Sustainable and fair

Fair trade is by no means a one-sided endeavour for us. We aim to achieve carbon neutrality by supporting local craftsmen, preserving their centuries-old expertise and offering carbon-neutral delivery options. 

Buying mass-produced raw materials anywhere in the world and having them assembled elsewhere is not in line with our approach to sustainability. Natural fibres are exclusively sourced from family-owned companies which guarantee mulesing free wool and kbT compliance. Our blankets are made in the capital of wool, the Italian municipality of Biella, before they are intricately embroidered in Germany. We carefully select our fabrics, yarns, and production processes and are in constant dialogue with our producers and suppliers. We work with established craftsmen who have often refined their craft over decades; in this way we aim to support traditional local crafts and protect their expertise in craftsmanship which has been transferred from generation to generation. 

All raw materials are processed with as little CO₂ emission as possible and reach our company in Germany via short trade routes, where they are assembled in an environment-friendly manner and, in some cases, by people with disabilities.

Szenebild einer Kaschmir Ziegenherde, die in den Weiten der Mongolischen Steppe grast.

Unser Anspruch, unsere Mission

Ladenhüter offers handmade accessories for humans and dogs in the premium sector. A timeless and elegant design in combination with subtle details lend each product an individual character. The company strives to combine uncompromising functionality with sustainably-produced, high-quality materials.

To buy low quality, mass produced fabrics somewhere in the world without any opportunity to establish our own quality assurance and check for working conditions does not correspond to our standards we set for ourselves, nor does is it in line with our approach to sustainability. The natural fibres used for our products, be they cashmere, merino, or alpaca wool, come from sustainably producing companies which guarantee that the wool is 100 per cent mulesing free. 

The raw materials for our dog cushions are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified and the inlay is made from recycled polyester. We obtain all natural fabrics exclusively from traditional manufacturing companies in Biella, Italy. This municipality is considered the "capital of wool" and we maintain a very close relationship with our local producers who advise us with often centuries-old expertise. We aim to support local handicrafts in this way. According to us, fair trade is by no means a one-sided undertaking. We ensure appropriate payment for our producers, support climate-neutral production sites, and offer high-quality products at a reasonable price: the quality of the material determines the price of the end product. 

All raw materials are prepared for delivery with the lowest possible CO₂ emissions and reach our company in Germany via short trade routes. This is where the final finishing step takes place. The packaging is FSC certified and we offer DHLGoGreen service for shipping.

Ladenhüter is committed to inclusion and we are thankful for our longstanding working relationships with people with disabilities.   


Alte Nähmaschine

Quality for your furry friend

Our creations for your friend are not only soft and cosy, but also hard-wearing, durable, and easy to care for. Exquisite style combinations make each of our dog accessories unique.