Man's best friend – the dog.

Tina Fricke

"Ladenhüter is a young company that manufactures and sells handmade creations for you and your dog in the premium sector.It is our wish to make your life and your dog's a little more comfortable."


What is the meaning behind Ladenhüter?


In the German language, Ladenhüter is an amalgamation of two words: Laden, meaning store, and Hüter, meaning guard, and is oftentimes used as an expression for something dusty and unwanted, particularly an item in a store that does not sell. 

At Ladenhüter, we use the finest fabrics that are handcrafted into high-quality, durable products in traditional family-owned businesses in Germany and Italy. Our company’s name is therefore a tongue-in-cheek play on the meaning of Ladenhüter. We use the term Ladenhüter in the literal sense of the word: the dog as a loyal guard is watching over the store and its family. 

Lotti & Frida

Our two Ladenhüter.

Ladenhüter was founded in Dorsten in 2022 by entrepreneur Tina Fricke. 

As a passionate dog owner for many years, she developed a great interest in dog supplies and accessories. During her business studies, she focused primarily on founding her own company and entrepreneurship.

Her desire to build an independent brand for people and dogs according to her ideas and with her own standards grew stronger and stronger until, after intensive preparations, she took a major step forward and founded Ladenhüter. 

From the very beginning, Tina has been supported by her family. Her twin brother Kai Fricke, who studied medicine in England and the US and is now working as a resident, has been enthusiastic about the project from the very first minute. He will develop and implement the international focus of the company in the coming years. 

Out of our deep love for dogs, Ladenhüter plans to support corresponding charity projects in the future and is happy to receive invitations to ambitious projects that serve to positively shape and improve the living conditions of animals.