Szenebild süßer Beagle liegt auf einem braunen Webpelz Kissen, welches auf einem weissen Stuhl platziert wurde. Über die Rückenlehne des Stuhls ist eine braune Wolldecke drapiert. Den Hintergrund bildet eine weisse Stuckwand.

Dog pillows

Premium Dog Pillow

Four Seasons

Our Four Seasons CLASSICS and ESSENTIALS dog pillows offer your furry friend a cuddly, soft winter side made of high-quality faux fur and a summer side made of cooling Italian velvet.

Hund gemütlich in eine Wolldecke gekuschelt auf einem hochwertigen Webpelz Hundekissen liegend vor brennendem Kamin
Cuddly soft

Faux Fur

Hand-picked materials from sustainable production, different colour compositions and a timeless, classic design make them unique pieces that suit every interior style. Our dog cushions guarantee your little friend the best possible comfort for all four seasons, at home and on the go.

Happy dog, happy life!
      High-quality dog brush
      Our dog brush Rapunzel, developed together with the traditional family business Leistner from the Erzgebirge, is of the highest quality.
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      Finest faux fur
      Washable dog pillows made from high-quality materials
      Close-up showing a beagle laying on a faux fur dog pillow.
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