High-quality cashmere


Handmade in Biella, Italy
    Fine craftsmanship

    Elegantly supple and cuddly soft

    Fine cashmere creations that are anything but ordinary - our scarves in rich, vibrant colours and different lengths give every outfit a stylish character. Traditional production, high-quality fabrics and careful processing make our scarves absolutely unique for every season. We obtain the fine fabrics with an unmistakable feel from Biella in Italy, where the most talented weavers in Europe are situated. 


    The perfect companion

    Cashmere wool impresses with its cosy warmth and elegant look, especially in autumn and winter. The fine wool feels comfortable against the skin and keeps you warm even on very cold winter days. Cashmere stands for exclusivity and is a long-lasting companion.

    Exclusive gift packaging

    The benefits of
    1. Highest thermal insulation of all natural fibers
    2. Repels moisture very well
    3. Not prone to collect dirt and odour
    4. High tear resistance
    5. Breathable (no air congestion)
    6. Very skin-friendly and soft
    7. Light weight